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Sound Window & Gutter Cleaning offers window washing and gutter cleaning services for residential or commercial properties. Click for an estimate.

Residential Commercial New Construction

Terms/Limits of Liability

Phone Estimates, Bids, and Online Quotes

All ballpark phone or online quote should be referenced with supplemental pricing guide available by request or with online estimate for job cost accuracy. Sound Window and Gutter Cleaning uses a simple and direct formula for window cleaning and gutter cleaning pricing. Bids which are sent online are supplemented with a pricing guide as well as a written quote. Pricing guide rates are also outlined in any phone quote. Upon arrival to your jobsite our technician will verify or adjust any ball-park phone or online estimate by walking the perimeter of the home, making a tally of the window pane count, checking the gutter height off the ground, and taking note of the size and scope of the work to be performed and confirm any and all estimates given remotely.


Typically our servicemen will collect payment the day of service and forward it back to the main office. We can also leave an invoice with self addressed envelope for payment by check. (All invoices left are due no later than 30 days after service.) We also made it convenient to pay by credit card.
Please call Matthew after the job is completed at our office to process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express payments.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This means that we completed the job that was agreed upon. If anything is missed during an appointment we will either make arrangements to come back free of charge or compensate you to make things right.

Limits of Liability

Occasionally after cleaning windows in either a wash or new construction cleaning method previously made scratches, fabrication flaws, or installation errors in the window glass may appear more visible. It our policy to be held harmless in any such case that is brought to our attention due to the uncertain nature of the windows past use. Furthermore, any scratches caused by paint, new constuction, remodel, abrasive material, or window glass defect are not the responsibility of Sound Window and Gutter Cleaning.

Storm and Port window cleaning involves disassembly from the interior or exterior frame in order to clean both sides and will not be performed by Sound Window and Gutter Cleaning without an oral agreement from clientele to hold Sound Window and Gutter Cleaning harmless from any accidental damage or breakage of glass. The nature of storm and port window cleaning makes a possibility of accidental breakage no matter with which the degree of expertise or experience of any technician.

We use a variety of methods to reach those hard to get to places and don't mind helping you move any obstacles out of the way. However, if you have any delicate or valuable items we do ask you to move them out of the way of any windows if possible. Sound Window and Gutter cannot be held accountable for any such items if broken or damaged in the process of accessing the work to be performed.

Our Gutter Cleaning service is guaranteed to be thorough and also to be performed in a safe manner. Due to the uncertainty of falling material our gutter cleaning service is only guaranteed to be clear and draining the same day as the date of the cleaning service. However, if anything is missed we will be happy to return to the jobsite at no charge and make things right.

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